Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sisters forever bonded <3 <3

My sister Christine and I.
Summer 2010
"Christine, let your sister in your room, open your door!"- this was something my sister dreaded hearing, as my mom said this from the bottom of the stairs.  I was usually outside her door, screaming at the top of my lungs, so my mom would plead my case for me!  My sister would eventually open the door, but with an "I'm doing this because I was told to, not because I want you around" attitude.  As her younger sister, everything she did was absolutely fascinating to me!  Her world of make-up, boys, and high school were "big girl" things that I just NEEDED to be in on!

Eventually, she realized that no matter what she did, nothing would ever keep me away!  She would come home from school, drop her books and run upstairs with her friend, Kim, and slam the door.....but, it wasn't long before I was crawling up the stairs to join them!

The truth is, my sister and I will be forever bonded, even though there is a significant age difference.  We are nine years apart and going through different times in our lives.  She is the mother of 3 beautiful children.....but I have yet to be a mother or be in a serious relationship for that matter - all those things aside though, the impact she has had on me as my sister cannot be denied!

She was nine when I was born and not one speck of jealousy was seen.  She had a human doll to love and care for, and care for me, she did!  Who, at nine years old, would put the interest of her newborn sister ahead of her own?  MY sister did!

She has always been a fierce protector of me.  While always seeing my potential, she never really saw me as disabled.  Always wanting me to be just like everyone else, she encouraged me to focus and move forward, not taking the easy way out!  She wanted me to have a good year during my freshman year of high school,  so she became my aide that year.  To this day we still laugh about the time we were looking for the girl's bathroom on the first day of school and though we both thought the bathroom looked strange....it took a while to realize that we were in the boys' bathroom!  We quickly made our exit!  Or the time when we were going between classes and she started talking to a teacher and without realizing it, she had pushed me into a classroom full of students during class!  Christine said the look on my face was hilariously priceless!! :)

Having a sister who has a physical disability has to have been hard on her.  I say it that way because she has never said it's been hard, but in the same breath, it must have been!  In most ways, I have had to take little steps to reach goals and have life experiences that relate to her in some way.  Usually sisters become bonded because they have gone through similar experiences....marriage, kids, boyfriends, break-ups, heartbreak....and I haven't even had some of those experiences yet.  So when I think of her, I wonder:  Does she ever feel like she has a sister who understands her and can relate to her?  Even though she sees me as not having a disability,  does she ever feel like the disability is a burden?

I never meant to be disabled, sometimes things just happen... but one of the most valuable gifts in my life, is a sister who loves me even so.  I have grown out of the need to do "big girl" things now, because I'm doing them....and loving it!  But I'm still fascinated by the person my sister is and has become.  I love my sister and will be forever grateful for the love she's shown me!  We are SISTERS!  Forever bonded!! :)


  1. I have those same memories you mentioned...Christine is is special women and so are you. I love my sisters dearly and the bond between us is amazing. Sending you, your big Sis, and your fabulous mom all my love!

    1. Thank you Kim!! :) Its so awesome to have you make a comment on this blog!! Thank you so much! Its so interesting to me that those moments in time really shape you as a person! Thank you for being part of my memories! You are one great person yourself!! We send you and your family our love and hugs!! <3

  2. Wow Michelle! You made me cry!! Such wonderful feelings and beautiful heart you have!!! You are a very beautiful person!! Anybody would be bless to have you in their life ♥♥♥