Monday, November 7, 2016

They even promote Cerebral Palsy Awareness in Australia!

Robyn Cummins, World CP Day Manager- Australia 
When your child becomes diagnosed with a disability, it can feel as if your whole world is crumbling.  The challenge that most parents face is rebuilding and re-envisioning what life will now look like for their child and the entire family.  I recently interviewed Robyn Cummins, World Cerebral Palsy Manager, in Australia.  I loved this interview so much because it really showed that Disability Awareness, especially Cerebral Palsy Awareness is a world wide effort!

 When I started receiving World Cerebral Palsy Day emails several years ago, those emails really underscored the saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Within these emails, guest bloggers write about their experiences with having CP and having enough determination to show others that they can work within the confines of their situations. This means there are certain things that are part of the disability that are not changeable, but there are many variables that ARE in your power to change.
For more information on the World Cerebral Palsy Day Campaign: campaign
 I was also very touched the World CP day team allowed me to tshare my story! They did a great job! Read my story here:  Here is a little bit more about Robyn Cummins, World CP Day Manager in Australia:

 is the World Cerebral Palsy Manager. Robyn’s passion is the lives and needs of people with cerebral palsy. She works for Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Sydney Australia, managing this global project that now involves 62 countries. She is excited by the opportunity to create positive and long-lasting change through the collective efforts of a worldwide community of people who care about cerebral palsy.

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