Friday, August 9, 2013

Autism Awareness Profile: HANDS in Autism

                                                                                                                                    When a child is diagnosed with a spectrum disorder such as autism, it can be an emotional roller coaster like no other. The sad part is watching your child have to struggle with having to "learn" the very things that give us closeness as human beings... a touch, a hug, holding hands, a kiss and countless other social interactions that are so vital to our emotional and physical well-being.
     What is incredibly comforting to most of us, can be awkward and uncomfortable to someone on the spectrum.  In going through this puzzling process, there are many uncertain times.  Times where you may ask yourself - Where do we go from here?  On my podcast, I have had the privilege of interviewing some outstanding people who help those with autism.  One of these, Hands in Autism, is an organization that seeks to help families in making their way through what seems to be the never ending dark tunnel of the diagnosis. They provide a listening ear while being proactive in starting the process of seeing light at the end of the tunnel - with hope and help.  One of the keys to providing help for families and those who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), is being able to provide resources that answer questions for families and caregivers.  They need answers as they cope with different stressful and challenging circumstances that they and their loved one may go through.  All of these topics are covered, and more, on the Hands in Autism website.  I was blown away and delighted to see that Hands in Autism goes far beyond the call of duty when it comes to resources. They are rockstars in the resources department!  Once you see this website, you'll see what I mean!!   Just as the name of the organization suggests, you are not ever alone...they are with you every step of the way!

Here are just some samples of the treasures you will discover on this site: 

This section deals with Visual Supports and Practical tools:

Here's a handout that talks about 10 things you can do to support those living with ASD:

Hands in Autism has wonderful information Cards to help people understand more about ASD and it helps promote Disability Awareness These are Fantastic!

There is life after the diagnosis of autism, and Hands in Autism wants to show you how to achieve that life...  Autism is not the end, in fact, it can be just the beginning of finding out that you can reach your dreams and goals and let your disability know that you are in control of YOUR life!

Michelle Fischer is the host of A View from my Window a podcast produced  by The Arc of Indiana

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Listen into my interview with Assistant Director  Tiffany Neal talking about the great things Hands in Autism does!

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