Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jumping into the Twitter-sphere! (tweet, tweet!!)

Twitter is complicated! So thought my brain :)

The plunge into Twitter has been a long time coming.  Why, you ask?  It was due to my own thinking that it was going to be too complicated.  Trust me, it happened with Facebook, too.  Fear of the unknown and getting accustomed to "the lay of the social media land".  Hashtags, @symbols, tweets..... What if I put a hashtag in the wrong spot in a tweet?  Or what if I don't put the @ symbol in the tweet that let's a person know I'm talking to them?  Will they feel ignored?  What in the world is a retweet?  Is it loud?  Will someone be offended if I retweet something that is now old news, but to me, is something I think looks cool?   Kinda like....if a friend of yours goes to the mall and buys a hip dress and then you go to the mall two weeks later, and realize the next time you see your friend that you have the EXACT SAME DRESS!!  (gasp!!)  HA!...Ok, Twitter for me, wasn't quite life-altering, but it was much easier then I thought it was going to be and REALLY fun!  I have met and connected with a lot of nice people so far, and hope to keep connecting more and more!

I'm an internet podcast show host of a podcast called AView from My Window.  The podcast takes you inside the lives of people with disabilities. Their stories in their own words, the services they receive, and the organizations that help make their lives better through their advocacy and hard work!  I'll tell you more about how AView from My Window got it's start in another blog post, but that's why Twitter has come into the life of this podcast show host and I'm certainly glad I get to share the podcast with all of you!  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I love hosting!   It's truly a dream job!

I'm Michelle Fischer, Host of AView from My Window....and I have entered the TWITTER-SPHERE!!!!! (Tweet, Tweet) :)

This Twitter-shere is not like Facebook!?!
If you forget this when talking to someone, will they feel ignored?!?!