Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Behind the Mic at the Movies: Finding Dory

"Hi, I'm Dory and I suffer from short term memory loss!" Oh, Dory, sweet, lovable Dory...yes you do!  Despite her disability, she has an excitement and zest for life that is undeniable!  The Disney crew has done it again with this vividly colorful aquarium world that draws you into the adventure to come.  One day, while she was being a helper to Mr. Ray, (who is always in the mood to break into song and happens to be Nemo's teacher), someone asks Dory if she has a family.  She looks puzzled, and with a hault to her voice, answered that she didn't know, but then saying that she must have a family because she had to come from somewhere! That triggers her memory and you are taken back into a dreamlike sequence where her mom and dad tell her she can do anything because she's smart and she will remember things.  They lovingly told her that they would help her by leaving a trail of shells for her to get home.  So, the adventure begins to find her family!  As with any endeavor, there are those who try to dissuade her by planting seeds of doubt.  Enter, Hank the Octopus. Hank is just trying to get to Cleveland to make his home there and get out of the Marine Life Institute.  He has bad memories of the ocean so he doesn't want to go back there. All Hank needs is Dory's ID tag and he'll help her find her parents.  He has a grumpy disposition, but he ends up helping Dory get one step closer to her parents.  Marlin, whom she helped find Nemo in "Finding Nemo", starts out being very supportive, but at one point, with his irritation at a breaking point as he's dealing with her short term memory, says: Go over there and just's what you're good at!  Would Dory just throw up her fins and say, "I'm done!" Nope!! Her motto is always, "just keeping swimming!"  Because she never wavered from her positivity, all those who were roped into her journey, came around and actually wanted to help her accomplish her goal.  There are several more dream sequences that show mom and dad instilling in Dory confidence to do whatever she wanted.  The things that her parents patiently and lovingly reminded her of throughout her life sustained her!  This is a must see for anyone who feels like they can't accomplish what they want because their obstacles are just too tall to overcome!  NONSENSE, I say!  Remembering to focus and be grateful for those who choose to go with you on a journey will give you the motivation to NEVER give up...No matter what obstacles come your way!!  I could go on and on in this review, but I promise, I won't.  I do HIGHLY recommend this movie though!  You'll meet many more characters that through helping Dory, help themselves.  The one huge lesson I went away with is: JUST KEEP SWIMMING!! I intend to keep at it with all my goals and endeavors and I really hope you do too!!

Michelle Fischer is host of A View from My Window, a podcast produced by The Arc of Indiana

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