Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Behind the Mic Book Review: Riding the Bus with my sister

I got this book several years ago when I started hosting my podcast.  I remember being so excited about reading it, but then after crying in the first couple of chapters, (not the composed teary eyed cry, no, it's the tears streaming down, red face, UGLY cry!)...I decided that I just wasn't emotionally ready for the book.  So, back on the shelf it went for a long while.  Fast forward to the present... I'm writing this review, so you can guess what I finally did.  This book is so relatable on so many levels, for many people in varied aspects of life.  Today's fast paced life is so hurried and distracted that to slow down and take just a small breath, takes quite a bit of effort.  I related to both perspectives in this book.  I related to Rachel because I tend to want to do things or think things faster than my body can go.  If I allow myself to slow down and grasp the reality of my physical situation and it's impact, the reality is sometimes a hard pill to swallow.  When I think about it, though, stopping to look around allows me to take a better look outside my window.  What sorts of things could I get a better understanding of?  Especially from a person who possesses abilities that are different from mine?  I think the greatest lesson this book presents is the ability to push your comfort zone, ask questions, and take a good look inside yourself.  If you see something you'd like to change, like an attitude or a misunderstood perception of someone or something, you have an opportunity to do just that.  You'll find that when you make that change, you are the one who benefits the most!  Changing yourself is never a bad thing, it always produces the best outcome for you in life.  Rachel found that "Riding the Bus" with her sister, Beth, opened up new horizons.  She may have known they were there, but it just took time to bring them into focus.  When that focus was achieved, her love, respect and relationship was made new and stronger with her sister... Now that's pretty sweet for riding the bus!  Thank you Rachel for sharing your beautiful bond with your sister!  And letting readers like me, take the ride too!

Michelle Fischer is host of  A View from my Window, a podcast produced, by The Arc of Indiana
With my sister Christine  :)

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