Friday, February 19, 2016

I don't have Autism.. I'm just doing what I love! -Talk Time host Reid Moriarty

When I met Reid Moriarty, host of Talk Time, I asked him why he liked being a podcast show host.  His lighthearted answer was, "I like to ask questions and hear people respond!"  And what a talented interviewer he is!  I instantly loved Reid and his mom Andrea when they walked into my studio.  It was like we had known each other forever and the conversation and chitchat was as easy as pie!  What struck me right away about Reid was how quickly and easily he said hello.  He looked at me, and stayed connected and was thrilled to be meeting me.. I was so touched, and honestly, that's what drew me to Reid.  I was also drawn to his witty, unencumbered curiosity as he interviewed me.  His life challenges don't precede him, but his passion, for his work and people, does!  Reid's mom, Andrea, accompanies him and watches over him like any other special needs mom does, but, what impressed me about her is that she does it in a way that dignifies him and shows him respect.  She wants him to enjoy life and keep that delightful personality and all the things that make Reid who he is, but she stays close enough to be there if he reaches a breaking point and needs a soft spot to fall.  Andrea writes about her experience in finding Reid's special interest and how that's helped him beat the odds that could seem to be stacked against him.  Instead, because he's living his dream, and has unbelievable support from those around him, his focus can continue to be on being unbelievably AWESOME!!

Listen to me interview Reid:
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Michelle Fischer is host of  A View from My Window, a podcast produced, by The Arc of Indiana

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