Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's always a Great day on Sarah's Great Day!

Cooking and eating food is central to every gathering of friends and family.  Memories are made, laughter is heard and good times are always had by everyone!  That is how the hosts of the online cooking show Sarah's Great Day want you to feel, like part of their family and part of their Great Day!  What is remarkable about this online show is that nothing is scripted, everything is captured in real time.  Casual conversation, tips and tricks, delicious food that warms you from the inside out and hosts that invite you to sit, stay and be in their company!  Val is Sarah's mom and talk about someone who is a champion for those with special needs! This show is very much proof of that.  Sarah, who just happens to have Down Syndrome, was just tired and needed a break from school for a time, so they decided to homeschool Sarah...there was just one problem....Val was not a teacher.  How could she teach Sarah the things she needed to know?  She knew she loved cooking and there are so many skills that cooking teaches you.  It can help you sharpen your math skills, fine motor skills, reading skills and personal interaction with others.  For Val, developing this cooking show has really allowed Sarah to come out of her shell and is one of the best things for a mother to see.... her once shy, quiet girl, developing confidence and beaming with pride and blossoming!!   When I met both of these girls I fell in love with them!!  I saw that they have a relationship like my mom and I do!! Support and love are the foundation of success that allows Sarah to enjoy life and to see her disability as a motivation to inspire others around her to see their disability in a positive way, too!   Another cool aspect to this show is how food and friends are brought together.  In many of the episodes, Sarah's friends and people who have had a major impact in Sarah's life, are with her in the kitchen!  Sharing food among friends is one of the most personal ways to give of yourself... Food is your heart on a plate.  Sarah's Great Day proves that disability doesn't ever define your ability to achieve your dreams.

This is a must see online cooking show! Check it out here: /

I got to interview these two lovely ladies, and that was a fun day!  Listen into our interview here:

                                                         I love your drive and determination to promote Disability Awareness!!  Thank you for being a cheerleader for all those with disabilities! You are Awesome!!  I'm quite a fan of yours', and also want to thank you for your very kind words about "A View from my Window"!  I really love hearing how listeners' feel about the show!  It made my heart feel so good!  Sarah's Great Day is such a great resource for everyone!  You have shown families that love, support and delicious food is a perfect recipe to reach the dreams they maybe never thought were possible! xoxoxo!

You really are a ROCKSTAR!!!! :) :) :)  Hugs girlie!! xoxoxoxo!!

Michelle Fischer is the host of  A View from my Window a podcast produced, by The Arc of Indiana