Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Behind the Mic Book Review: Jewel Kats


When I started reading the books you see pictured here by Jewel Kats, all I could keep thinking was, these books are so valuable in teaching young women and girls to be ok in their skin and to make their disability fabulous!!  Jewel and I have yet to meet in person, but as we started talking, it quickly became apparent that she walks to the beat of her own drum.  She warmly weaves into her writing the idea that it's ok to be who you are and to be proud of how far you've come despite circumstances that may have beat you down.  Jewel has had her share of challenges.  At the tender age of nine years old, she was in a very serious car accident and spent months in the hospital.  She endured eight surgeries after this terrible ordeal.  Since then, arthritis and osteopenia have made it extremely painful to move and function in everyday life.  All of these things could bring her down, but part of Jewel's success is her positive outlook and her desire to help others.  One of the ways she does this is by writing about her experiences and then getting out and meeting her readers through speaking engagements and book signings.  We had the pleasure of meeting virtually through Facebook and I could sense that she really connects with her readers and when they are in her presence, she enjoys taking the time to chat and getting to know them!

What I found exciting about these books was, in every single one of them you are taken on an adventure or taught a very important lesson.  I LOVED Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair because as you are taken into Cinderella's world, you feel every emotion that she goes through.  As she sees her dream of going to the King's Costume Party dwindle, Monique from Enchantment University comes and restores Cinderella's faith in how beautiful she is...and she also helps her to see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The prince thought that Cinderella was beautiful because she was confident in herself and in her wheelchair....That wheelchair was a help to her, it wasn't all of her.  Assistive equipment is a part of life for those with special needs. You know what Jewel does??  She puts her own twist on her equipment.  Whatever it is, the equipment becomes a glam accessory - something to make her happy when she uses it!  Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair  teaches everyone to embrace their glamour!!

The Princess and the Ruby - An Autism Fairytale.

This book teaches the value of putting yourself in another person's shoes.  We are all unique, and people with autism are unique, as well.  They just have to learn, work and live in a way that works for them.  We all do that.  It's important to embrace our differences and appreciate them.  Ask anyone who has autism what their goals and dreams are... You'll be delighted to find that you may have more in common than you thought!

DitzAbled Princess - A comical Diary, inspired by real life

You get to be a fly on the wall with this book!  I love it when a book allows you to do that!!  Jewel invites you into her life as a woman who juggles all her different roles in life - rockin' a funky 80's look, being a wife, sister, daughter and mom to her dog Snowie, an award winning author, motivational speaker..(this girl is super woman) ...all the while showing the challenges she faces who's the boss!  The most important thing to learn from this book is finding a way to smile and laugh at yourself... Life is too short to focus on what you don't have.  Instead, focus on the positive and always look to help others.  Don't be afraid to allow those who support you to lovingly push you to your greatest and sometimes undiscovered potential!

Jewel - Thank You for showing girls and women of all abilities that there is beauty and glamour in all of us and that embracing it is what makes our disabilities FABULOUS!! <3 <3

Michelle Fischer is the host of A View from My Window, a podcast produced by The Arc of Indiana

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