Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ken Oguss- Inspiring others through the art of storytelling

Ken Oguss grew up in a family of storytellers. Its just what they did.  Everyday happenings would be turned into a story.  Storytelling was something that his mother told his older sister to teach him, allowing his imagination to be at its full potential!  Now, he uses that imagination that was allowed to grow during his childhood, and brings it to every aspect of what he does. Whether it was his job as a librarian, the host of Riley Children's Hospital's The Hello Show, or his new project which involves producing a series of Employment videos for the Arc of Indiana.  The focus is on finding meaningful employment for people with disabilities and he artfully and gracefully uses what gives him so much joy- the power of story!

What makes Ken so excited about storytelling?  He tells me:  "There are so many methods to telling a story....I get to be a film maker, an audio recorder, a photographer, a musician, a painter and an author".  These are the things that make Ken a master of the storytelling world and he uses these different tools to make the stories he tells come alive!

"Everyone has a story", he tells me, and Ken is just the person you want to tell your story to.  He really takes time to understand the kind of person you are, so he captures the essence of what makes you, YOU!

Capturing the essence of a person involves putting yourself in someone else's shoes and that is what Ken has done from the very start of getting this video project off the ground.  Even though some things are new, he's accepting the challenge because his desire is to show that people with disabilities are people that can offer many things to the community when they find meaningful employment.  That's something all of us desire, whether we have a disability or not.

Ken Oguss inspires others through storytelling, but who really gets inspired is the person who's story is being told, because the storyteller captures the unique art of storytelling with YOU in mind!

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Michelle Fischer is host of A View fom my Window, an audiocast produced by The Arc of Indiana

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