Thursday, March 1, 2012

Disability Awareness Month reminds us to look at the Abilities of others!

Ah!  Disability Awareness Month is here!  It not only gives me a chance to tell my story, but it also gives people with disabilities from every state a chance to tell their story, and most importantly, turn the meaning of the word Disability into a word with a positive meaning.

The purpose is to show that people with disabilities aren't people who lack ability, but they abound with ability!  The amount of ability is in the eye of the beholder! 

What better way to show that ability than to live, work and play in the community, which is this year's theme!  Those who choose to recognize and support a person's abilities, show real courage and strength, especially when the trend has been the opposite. 

People with disabilities want to be the same as everyone else and being in the community helps them achieve that goal! 

This should be the goal of all of us EVERYDAY, not just when the calendar says: Disability Awareness Month, but striving everyday to see the ABILITIES of others- disabled or not.

Michelle Fischer is the host of "A View From My Window", an internet podcast, produced by the    Arc of Indiana.

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